Come build the new standard in financial transparency.

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We're looking forward to offering a meaningful internship experience for those looking to become financial experts.

Due to COVID 19, our 2021 summer intern class will be a fully remote. While normally a summer housing stipend would be offered (we're located in NYC), given the remote nature, this will be an unpaid program.

This internship will a rare opportunity to work directly with a successfully exited VC-backed startup founder (this is his 2nd company after selling his last one a year ago) and see what an early stage fintech startup is like.


Analysts will be required to dig into various financial products such as credit cards, mortgages, student loans, etc. to understand (and review) products for the v2 website launch. The v2 website will be a financial transparency site -- 'KAYAK for Credit' -- and will rely on editorial articles to optimize the company's SEO ranking. This also presents a unique challenge where interns will receive data-driven feedback on their work directly from the company's marketing analytics.


Ideal intern skillset:

• Strong writing & financial background

• Digital marketing background is a big plus


What to expect:

• financial review writing

• bi-weekly SEO marking performance feedback

• exciting go-to-market launches for new financial verticals


What you will gain:

• an expert understanding of consumer financial products

• search engine optimization experience

• be a published financial editor (you can add this to a personal portfolio)

• a meaningful citation/recommendation from an exited/well-connected entrepreneur (pending a job well done) 

Thank you. We'll be in touch soon!

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